Dating Report Week Six

I e-mailed six ladies this week, using a combination of the form letters suggested to me by Skidmark and Garand Gal.

Four of the six read my e-mails.  One responded.  I had used skid’s letter for her, which asked for suggestions as to why I wasn’t getting replies.  She said that she wasn’t interested because she wanted someone with kids, but that my profile looked fine to her.  Maybe add some pictures with friends/family was her only recommendation.

And so the saga continues.

I mentioned this briefly in response to a comment on an earlier post, but I’ll repeat it here because I know not everyone reads comments.

I know that life can get busy, even for single folks.  Hell, I’ve been in my house for over three years, and I still haven’t finished organizing my tool chest yet.  However, there are very few single ladies who, if given the opportunity, wouldn’t be worth a little schedule rearranging to meet for coffee.

I’m probably wrong (again!) but I don’t see that as desperation.  I never expected to meet “the one” the first week after I joined  I did not, however, think that the women on there would have so many other invitations, or so many other more pressing concerns, that they couldn’t spare thirty minutes of one day to give a guy the benefit of the doubt, even if he isn’t perfect on paper.

I know I’m going to screw up the first few “first dates”.  I had hoped to learn from them, and eventually polish my social skills enough to eventually rate a second date.  I was confident that I would have at least one coffee date opportunity each week.  Considering that I’m into my seventh week and fifth dozen of contact attempts, all without even one promising response, it may be decades before I get to that second date level.  I guess my expectations were a bit unrealistic.

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2 Responses to Dating Report Week Six

  1. Jin Chiang says:

    According to, number 9 states an average 10% response rate from women to your e-mail. And that’s only if you’re good! Well, etiquette apparently has gone out of style.

    I’ve only done a cursory glance. However, it might be worthwhile for you to peruse further. Hopefully, you’ll find some helpful tips to pare down that time from decades to something a bit more reasonable.

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