News … Sort Of

Well, I might be going out on a date soon.  No, it isn’t anybody on or any other online dating site.  It’s a lady I work with.

Remember White Trash Lady?  Yeah, well, there’s a whole slew of reasons why I shouldn’t get involved with her.

  1. She’s from a family of addicts – her daughter to pills, her son to coke, and her to alcohol.  But she claims to have been off the juice for over a year.
  2. Her son committed suicide a few years back, and she found him.  That’s gotta fuck somebody up.  She’s understandably been on and off of anti-depressants and such like since then.
  3. She talks constantly.  Even if nobody is around.  About everything.  No matter how personal or potentially embarrassing the subject matter.  She’s told me about a particularly heavy period, and another time when she had to tie her coat around her waist at work to cover up an “accident” caused during a different visit from Aunt Flo.  And how she has to cross her legs when she coughs so she won’t piss herself.  This makes me worry if she has the ability to keep any secrets.  If we end up together, she will eventually find out that I carry while at work.  That information, if let slip, could cost me my job.  Sure, people suspect now, but nobody knows.
  4. She’s at the top end of age-appropriate for me – at eight years older than me.
  5. She has declared her desire to take a break from dating.
  6. She and I are two of only three people with the same job responsibilities at work, and at least two of us must be there every night.  This means that we will never have a night off together unless we request specific days off and the manager isn’t paying attention and approves both.
  7. This one is the biggie.  According to a reliable source, but as yet is unconfirmed, although her kids appear fully Caucasoid, her last couple boyfriends were of the negroid persuasion, and physically abusive.  Not many years ago, this would have been an automatic disqualification for me.  A woman who’s been with a nigger or other non-white is a race traitor, and forever tainted, even if it was only a one time thing.  Or so I used to believe.  It still bothers me.  I admit that part of it is the “dirty” factor (truth be told, I’d rather not go behind any man, but that’s not an option at my age), but more than that, it’s anatomy.  Brothers are hung like horses, and once a lady is used to that kind of size, she wouldn’t even feel my tiny little half a pencil.  I have no hope of doing anything for her, at least not during the main event.  And I already have serious concerns about my lack of sexual prowess even without knowing that I’m going behind a dude with a tree trunk in his pants.

But, there are also things that indicate that we might have a chance:

  1. She knows me.  Well, she knows the person I am at work, which isn’t all that different in most ways from who I am elsewhere.
  2. She knows I’m a gun guy.  In fact, she once asked me if I’d take her to the range.  We haven’t gotten around to making that happen yet, but the fact that she asked is huge for me.
  3. She knows that I have rabbits, and why.  And doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.
  4. I find her attractive.
  5. She’s agreed to see me outside of work, and, although less enthusiastic than I would have liked, has left the door open regarding the possibility of more than just friends.

We’re supposed to do breakfast some time soon as our “first date”.  We’ll see if it happens, and if so, how it goes.  As always, I’ll let y’all know all most of the details.

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22 Responses to News … Sort Of

  1. nancykrainz says:

    STOP!!!!!!!!! Are you out of your mind? Have you forgotton your past so quickly? I would seriously like to slap you right now! Stop being desperate. You listed a ton of reasons why this will never work and then decide to move forward. The negative consequences of a failed attempt at a relationship with this woman are endless. Try being patient for once and KEEP LOOKING!!!!!

    • alaskan454 says:

      There is no woman on the planet that I couldn’t come up with an equally long list of reasons why she’s not the right one for me. Not one. I love you, sis, but if I wait for Miss Perfect, I’ll die alone no matter how long I live.

      As my very good friend, Craig, would say, “There are worse things than being single.” He’s right. I’m just not ready to accept that as my fate.

      No, things probably won’t work out with this lady. However, I was hoping that sharing a few meals with her outside of work would knock a little of the rust off my social skills and perhaps give my confidence a much-needed boost. I don’t plan on letting her learn anything incriminating, at least not any time soon.

  2. skidmarkva says:

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! It’s a trap! Are you out of your freaking mind?

    I can drive down and dope-slap you with a variety of implements – no charge. Heck, I’ll even poke you in the eye with a sharp stick for half of what I normally charge.

    If you are seriously that hard up for female compaionship I can loan you a few bucks and directions to various “gentlemen’s clubs”.

    You go through with this and I drop you from my reading list. Not that you’d care. It’s just that I do not deal well with stupid people.

    stay safe.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Sorry to be so stupid, but might I ask why?

      • skidmarkva says:

        Do I fall for the gambit and answer? If so, do I give an honest response or one loaded with snark? Or do I just blow you off as a “nice try, but no cigar”?

        stay safe.

      • alaskan454 says:

        I reckon you need to delete me from your reading list, because obviously I’m stupid, and you don’t deal well with stupid people.

        I get the whole thing about not dating people at work, because if it doesn’t work out, things could turn ugly. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue why you (and everybody else I know) thinks this is such a bad idea/high risk/whatever. So, enlighten me with an honest answer, entertain me with snark, or ignore me. As you wish.

        I appreciate the recommendation, I just wish I could grok the logic.

      • skidmarkva says:

        Maybe “ignorant” rather than “stupid”? The response is too long for your comments section. I’ll email t and you have permission to put it up anywhere on the blog you want to.

        stay safe.

      • alaskan454 says:

        Thanks. I’ll be looking for the e-mail.

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Are you rationalizing the easy, but bad choice?

    You could end up as the meal ticket with a mere flick of her fingernail on the condom. What if she outed you due to her incessant babbling? Are you prepared to lose your job?

    How about a safer selection? Is the HOA lady hot? *Ducks*

    • alaskan454 says:

      *Throws first heavy object that is readily available in Jin’s direction* I’ve never met the HOA lady, so I can’t comment. No way she could be hot enough, though.

      No way I could become a meal ticket – I paid a doctor to cure that problem back on the 90’s, and just last year verified that the problem was still cured.

      As for the job, I’d really rather not lose it, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      I guess this is/was just a case of “the evil that I know”.

  4. alaskan454 says:

    It seems unanimous, per folks both here and offline. Getting involved with this woman would be a mistake. Presumably due to lack of brain function, I don’t understand why, except for the old rule about not dating folks at work. Then again, my track record speaks to my numerous mistakes, oversights, acts of desperation, failures, and general stupidity. I’ll just have to trust that y’all see something I seem to be completely blind to. Thanks to all for caring enough to say something.

    I’m a man of my word, though, and since I already invited her to breakfast, and am waiting for her to say when, she will get one breakfast if she ever names a day and time. I’ll let her babble until the meal has been consumed, and will take her home. After that, I just won’t bring it up again.

    • Garand Gal says:

      Besides the old adage don’t date people at work, I think she would wrap you up in the melodrama that is her life and drag you down in some way. It seems to me that you’d rather have a quiet life with a woman who wants to be with you, not the booze soaked soap opera that currently is her life.

      • alaskan454 says:

        “It seems to me that you’d rather have a quiet life with a woman who wants to be with you…”

        That’s it, boiled down as simply as it gets.

        I don’t think there is a lot going on at her place aside from the normal disagreements that come with three generations sharing the same four walls. The cokehead son lives elsewhere, and I believe her when she says she’s been dry for over a year. Regardless, I’ll take the advice offered and steer clear.

        It does bother me that I don’t seem to have the good sense necessary to make smart decisions, but there is nothing I can do about it.

  5. Garand Gal says:

    Don’t shit where you eat. Or in her case don’t pee where you stand. Your job provides the money, so don’t go playing there.
    If you’re really that interested in finding something to diddle around with, place the white trash chick FIRMLY in friend camp, get invited to one of the day-off binge fests you know have to happen where she lives, and target one of the non-coworkers in attendance.
    You already said that she’s not discreet, so why would you want to put your job at risk? Knocking the rust off your social skills is one thing, putting on earplugs and a blindfold and courting trouble is another.

    As for your concerns over black guys, having been through a nursing program and worked with the county health department and catheterized a lot more people than you want to hear about I can tell you it’s urban legend that any group is hung in any particular way. There’s just as much variance there as there is in any other community.

  6. Not super excited about number 7. I love ya, but that is not cool. Somehow I missed that one when I read this the other day. Race traitor?? Not loving the hate or the stereotyping.

  7. lpcard says:

    Whatever you do good luck to you. I just haven’t felt the need to jump back into the shark tank. Maybe never will, who knows.

  8. Jin Chiang says:

    Nothing you can do about it? You have everything you need within yourself. Intuition.

    Specifically, why are you ignoring it? Why do you find some excuse or reason to minimize or negate the warning signs when you are on the prowl? You react when notice a threat on the streets, right?

    First, you’re doing good by heeding the advice from others. Second, start paying attention to your intuition. Last time I checked, you can’t get a good woman from a vending machine so you’re going to have to put the time and effort into the hunt.

    There is no substitute for hard work. Do you want to continue lurching from one bad relationship to another? And wonder why the same life lessons come up again and again. Or do you truly want a quiet life with the right woman?

    I wish I was close enough to be your wingman. Then we’ll swap, I’ll carry your heater, and you carry my Bersa Thunder .380 until you get your girl. I’ll bet that will really motivate you. 😉

    • alaskan454 says:

      In everyday life, I try to maintain condition yellow, and if something seems even the slightest bit off, I simply avoid. Despite carrying a hand cannon, I’d strongly prefer to never use it outside the range.

      No woman I’ve ever known for any length of time has failed to say or do something that might be a sign of bad things to come. If I run every time something might be a bad omen, I’m guaranteed to be alone for the rest of my life.

      So, I try to be realistic. Maybe a lady isn’t a prepper and a hermit like me. But, she isn’t a party girl, doesn’t run in fear when she finds out that I carry a gun, and she indicates an interest in gardening. Just because she has a barking rat that she adores, and I believe animals belong outside, is that reason enough to walk away?

      How do I know where to draw the line? What is a compromise-worthy difference, and what is a deal breaker, and how do I tell the difference?

      I know that in this case, the whole blabbermouth/gun at work thing is a significant risk. I just figured that I could hide it long enough to get some recent dating experience and learn that I’ll never make it off of her “friend” list. If the unexpected happened, and something more than friendship developed, I’d take it one day at a time.

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