Dating Report Week Four

After running at an 80% ignore rate, this week I decided to add the following to the bottom of every e-mail that I send.  It will probably turn off a lot of folks, but it can’t get any worse than 100% rejection.

This is something that I have started pasting at the bottom of every e-mail that I write, after experiencing the frustration that comes from being ignored by nearly 90% of the people that I attempt to contact.  Please disregard it and accept my apologies if it does not apply to you.

I found you interesting.  I took the time to write a brief, but personal e-mail to you.  There are probably things about me that do not meet your “desired match” preferences.  Maybe there are even things about me that you find absolutely repulsive.  Even so, I would appreciate the common courtesy of a reply.

If you don’t want to write a personal reply, Match will send a response for you in about five seconds, with three mouse clicks of effort.  Click on the “Say ‘No, thanks'” link just to the left of the “Reply” button at the bottom of this e-mail.  Select the appropriate reason on the next page, then click “Send Now”.

This week I e-mailed four ladies, and sent two flirts. The ladies that I haven’t tried to contact yet either live more than two hours away, or have many “preferences” that I do not match.  Not that it makes much difference.  The ones who appear to be somewhat compatible won’t write back, so what difference does it make if I e-mail them or a twenty-three year old supermodel who is ultra-liberal, wants ten kids, an open relationship, and a man with a seven-figure income?

Flirts were ignored, as usual.

E-mail number one was never read.

E-mail number two was read and ignored.

Number three was unique.  In her profile, she expressed an interest in going to a shooting range.  Too bad she felt the need to ignore my e-mail.

Number four was an exception.  I did not paste my “signature “to her e-mail.  In her profile, she said, ” I am a subscriber, so go ahead and send an email. I guarantee a response.”  I decided to test her, and I wrote the e-mail that I would have otherwise sent anyway.  Of course, the fucking bitch lied.  No reply, not even an automated one.

I might send one e-mail next week.

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6 Responses to Dating Report Week Four

  1. Erin Palette says:

    Heh. I see you took my friends’ approach after all, albeit in a slightly more polite form. Well done!

    • alaskan454 says:

      Actually, I’ve taken your friend’s letter, massaged it ever-so slightly, and will be using it exclusively this week. No personalization with a postscript like last week, just a straight up form letter. Results next week this time, as always.

  2. Craig says:

    There are worse things than being single.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I know. But there are better things, also.

      I’ve already paid for a six month membership, so this adventure is going to last at least that long.

      • Erin Palette says:

        My friend refuses to pay for dating sites, saying “I can be ignored by women for free just by doing nothing. Why should I pay for the privilege?”

        He’s a bit bitter, but I can’t say that I fault his logic. Hope you have better luck!

      • alaskan454 says:

        Thanks! I do plan to continue trying. I did pay for six months of abuse, so I may as well get my money’s worth.

        I’m getting to the point of being bitter also, but I’m fighting to not let that emotion take over.

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