I’m Confused

There’s this shindig going on out Saint Louis way.  It has something to do with guns and stuff.  The guys throwing the party claim to be the biggest and baddest folks in the pro-2A fight.

For some unknown reason, they chose to throw their annual party in a place that requires the following disclaimer:

“The city of St. Louis prohibits the carrying of firearms at the America’s Center Convention Complex.”

If they don’t have the horsepower to get such ridiculous rules shit-canned, and lack the intestinal fortitude to pick a different venue, then they are neither big nor bad in my book.  Fuck the NRA.

It shames me to admit that I first joined over a quarter of a century ago, and became an endowment member nearly a decade back.  They keep sending me shit, trying to get me to upgrade to Benefactor or whatever they call the next “level” of membership.  Fuck you very much.

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