Pasta Sauce Recipe

I’ve been experimenting on a sauce that I can mix with whatever flavor of pasta happens to be in the pantry.  Which, by the way, is always whole wheat, and normally either elbows or rotini.  Penne is too thick, and I make too big of a mess with any version of spaghetti, no matter how many pieces I break it into.

I usually make enough for a week or more, so feel free to cut the quantities to a more manageable size, if necessary.  Adjust the peppers and other heat/spicy items to suit your taste.

Brown four pounds of ground meat from your favorite animal.  I normally use beef, so to keep the ragheads happy, I always defile it with a scoop of bacon grease.

While it’s browning, pour in a copious amount of garlic salt.  Add a handful or two of any Italian seasoning – be generous.  Mine came from Kroger, but they’re all close enough to the same mix.  Throw in a little regular salt and black pepper.  Shake in a little cajun seasoning of some sort.  Emeril’s Bayou Blast is OK, but I’m trying to use mine up because Tony Chachere’s is better.  Use less salt in earlier steps if you go with Tony, because it includes a significant amount of salt.

Dice a big ass onion and add it to the meat.

Puree two quarts of tomatoes, a pint or more of jalapeño peppers, and four or five habanero peppers.  Add it all to the browned meat and spice mixture.  Simmer for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until the onions reach whatever level of non-crunchiness that you desire, and the sauce reaches the consistency of your choice.  I hate eating raw onions, but I love the flavor, so I normally let ’em get good and soft.

Once it’s done, spoon it over some fresh pasta, and enjoy!  It’s easy, and way better than anything Ragu or Prego ever dreamed of.

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