Decorating the New Ride

I’m normally not one to do bumper stickers, or such like.  I did have the gunnie version of “coexist” on my old car, as well as a small Don’t Tread On Me.

Today, I decided that the new car needed some personalization.  Well, I actually decided last week, but it took until yesterday for my DTOM sticker to arrive in the mail.  I just installed it.  I say installed, because that fucker was a bitch to get on there right.  Every time I got it even close to the window, it wanted to jump out of my hands and onto the glass.  I finally gave up and left it where you see it – about an inch off center:

Yes, I am well aware of just how much the picture sucks.  There are two digital cameras in the house, and neither one is worth a shit.  The better of the two has taken up residency in Roomie’s room, and therefore off limits to me, at least when she is asleep.  The other one is a 1MP “feature” on my decade-old video camera.  That was my only option this morning, so it is what you get.

Yes, there are two smaller stickers at the bottom.  Annie’s ammo came with two Lapua stickers, and I thought it would be appropriate to add them at the bottom as a reminder that the DTOM message has teeth.

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1 Response to Decorating the New Ride

  1. lpcard says:

    I have another Coexist sticker if you want it…

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