Dating Report Week Three

Following the advice of a friend, I re-wrote the “about me” section of my match profile this past week, and made similar changes to my farmersonly profile.  I tried to be more positive, appealing, and interesting. It didn’t work. At least, it hasn’t worked yet.

I e-mailed seven ladies this past week, and I also sent out seven “flirts” or “winks”.  I met none in person.

None of the flirts/winks responded.

Contact number one, number five, and number seven all read my e-mails, but couldn’t be bothered to reply.

Contacts two, three, and six never read my e-mail.  It seems as though the women I find most appealing are not paying members.

Contact number four read my e-mail and was kind enough to reply.  It was the No, thanks, I don’t think we’d be a good match form letter, but at least it was a reply.  Good luck to her.

I did get two winks this week, one from someone claiming to be from Birmingham, Alabama, and another from Darlington, South Carolina.  Less than 24 hours after the wink was sent, the profile for the Birmingham chick disappeared.  However, the Darlington lady (probably really some dude in Nigeria, but whatever) is a paying member, denoted by the highlighted profile.  Since I had nothing more pressing to do the night that the wink came in, I decided to play along.  Instead of just winking back, I e-mailed.

I expressed my suspicions as to the accuracy of her profile, but acknowledged that I could be wrong.  I pointed out the suspiciousness of selecting every possible option under “interests” and having no preferences whatsoever regarding her match – any height, ethnicity, body type, religion, whatever.  I then pointed out the distance between us.  I explained that I would be unable to fulfill her desire to “definitely” have children.  I educated her on how my political views of limited government don’t exactly mesh with her proclaimed “very liberal” views.  I then asked her to post a photo.

Of course, I never got a reply.

For those keeping score, not counting suspected scammers, I’ve contacted twenty-four different women, either by personal e-mail (seventeen) or by wink/flirt (seven).  Four never read my e-mails, so that leaves twenty who actually know that I expressed an interest in them.  Four responded.

So, I have a 83% contact success rate.  Of those, 20% responded.  100% of those who responded were uninterested.

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