HOA Cunt Strikes Again

I got a letter yesterday from our neighborhood HOA Cunt™.  This month, she is bitching about the rabbit cages that are stored in the back yard.  She quotes a section of the rules that prohibit storage of items (listing everything from toys to lawn equipment) in the front and side yards when not in use.  Then she appends this part to the same paragraph, which isn’t in my copy of the rules:

This includes cages behind the home that have not been screened from view.”

I think this is simply her opinion demand, and she added it as though it were part of the official rule.  Kind of like she selectively quoted the rules last time, deleting a part that, when included in context, cleared me of any violation.  Which she acknowledged without acknowledging by sending me a letter a month later saying that the violation was dismissed. With no action taken on my part other than sending her a letter.

As I am wont to do, I called her out on it.  I ordered her to cease and desist with the attempts to force me to remove the rabbits from the property.  I then pointed out that my copy of the rules was missing the part about cages in the back yard.  I then told her that I suspected that this was simply her opinion, and if it was, she shouldn’t have included it in the quote.  And, I was challenging it.  I explained that if it is indeed an official part of the rules, then it is her obligation to provide updated copies of the rules before attempting to enforce anything new.

I gave her two weeks to provide documentation or fuck off.  I didn’t say it exactly that way, but I didn’t leave much doubt as to my feelings on the matter.

Recently, I had priced a setup to bring the rabbits into the garage.  It’s more than I want to spend, and having them inside would cause nearly as many challenges as it would eliminate.  However, I was seriously considering it.  In light of recent events, I’m going to table that idea until I see how the cunt chooses to proceed.

I swear, I don’t know if she’s stupid, power-crazed, suicidal, or simply wants to annoy me in particular and thinks that her position will allow her to do so without repercussions.  However, if she doesn’t quit messing with the bull, she’s going to get the horns.

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7 Responses to HOA Cunt Strikes Again

  1. Rick says:

    Well – have you considered the possibility that she may just be a single person examining additional options to meet other people that she may at some point have interset in starting a relationship with??? Nope, never mind – The theory of opposites attracting wouldn’t be that cruel and psychotic…..

  2. Garand Gal says:

    It says things that are not in use, why not find a use for them? Rotate the rabbits through them. Use them to as a support for peas and beans. Put a board on them and a lawn chair next to them and enjoy using your new side table to hold your sweet tea. Find a garden gnome, plant him inside and call it ironic art, start talking about how those in power do everything they can to keep the little guy down. 😀

    • alaskan454 says:

      That’s my next step, but I’ll be using them for their intended purpose. The argument about whether or not the part about cages is her interpretation of the rule, or actually part of the rule itself is a delay tactic. I have a litter of four that will be old enough to wean at the end of the month. There are three empty cages.

      Second argument: There is no way that she knows whether they are in use or not, because you’d have to look inside the enclosed part to be sure. She hasn’t done that, because I have a camera pointed at the back yard at all times. Nobody but me, Roomie, and an overly curious mutt from next door have been captured.

  3. lpcard says:

    To answer your question, if she is in the HOA she is power-crazed and quite possibly a communist. HOA’s tend to attract the kind of people who are generally worthless, who then attempt to give their pathetic lives meaning by intruding into the lives of others.
    In other words, she’s minding your business because she has none of her own to mind.

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