Dating Report Week 2

Well, it’s that time again.  I e-mailed five ladies this past week also.  I met none in person.

Contact number one read my e-mail, but couldn’t be bothered to reply.

Contact number two was kind enough to send a “form” message to me letting me know that she recently met someone and wanted to see where that went before meeting anyone else.

Contact three never read my e-mail.  Presumably, she is not a paid member.  Bummer, because I liked her.

Contacts four and five also couldn’t find the motivation to reply.  Number four didn’t even bother to look at my profile.

I did get an e-mail from someone this week.  I suspect a scam, but I wrote back, expressing interest.  She claims to be from Charlotte, which is over two hours away.  Her profile does not contain a picture.  She is 32, claims no children, but “definitely” wants kids at some point.  She says that she likes parties, and enjoys clubs and dancing.  My profile clearly says that I do not enjoy parties or clubs, so why she referred to parties in her initial e-mail is a mystery to me.  As of today, she has not written back.

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