Remora Holster Initial Review

Last week, I ordered two Remora holsters (at full price) based on reviews by current owners, including my BFF.  They arrived on Saturday.

I bought the 4ART-SS for my KelTec PF-9, and a 10ART-SS for my Glock 29.  Check out their website to learn what the different designations mean.

My intention was to replace my 6″ wide belly band that is very worn in the pouch area and well stretched after nearly a year of regular wear.  I also wanted something different than the Blackhawk! pocket holster that likes to come out with the gun, and is so thin that it does little to break up the outline of the pistol.

I  inspected and test-fit both, and was pleased with the workmanship.  The fit was perfect for the KT, but the G29 goes deeper into the pouch than I expected .  I’ve never carried IWB, and that was the purpose of purchasing one for the Glock.  Since I haven’t actually worn it yet, I’ll reserve judgment on that one.  It’s probably perfect.

I wore the one for the KT last night.  I tucked it into the belly band, since that is how I have become accustomed to carrying it.  I figured that six inches of contact would provide sufficient tension to hold it in place.

It took quite a bit of adjustment to get it to where it was comfortable and not sticking out far enough to make me paranoid that it may be noticed.  The holster is low profile, but much thicker than the material that the belly band is made of, so it is going to stick out more, regardless of how it is positioned.

I tried it out at home first, but the way that ended up being most comfortable was somewhat different.  It ended up tucked deeply into the belly band, with the grip hanging slightly over the top edge of the band.  I got used to it being there, in a slightly different location than when carrying in the belly band itself, and I was able to perform my normal routine.

As I was leaving, I stopped to talk to a co-worker.  I talk with my hands, but that movement is much less than what occurs during my normal duties.  During the conversation, I felt the gun and holster squeeze out of the bottom of the belly band and head south.  A discreet movement of my left arm clamped it well enough to keep it from falling onto the floor.  Thank God the holster material is indeed quite sticky.

Obviously, I was very disappointed.  Had it hit the floor, particularly when there were witnesses, I’d be looking for a new job now.  The belly band is already one size smaller than recommended, and although not terribly tight, it is far from loose.  maybe I’m going to have to get a new one, two sizes smaller.

I can’t go pocket carry, because too many people know that I own guns and already suspect that I carry while on the clock.  They’d identify a gun in the pocket in no time, regardless of how well the outline was broken up.  Maybe I’m going to have to go with IWB, and see how that works.

I like the holster, particularly the sweat shield option.  Normally, the entire pistol is damp after a shift, with the top and side that rests against my body soaked.  Today, there was a small amount of liquid on one area of the grip, and the rest was bone dry.  Because of this, I really want to find a way to make it work.

I’ll keep experimenting with the KT, and take the Glock model for a test drive or two, and will post an update later.

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8 Responses to Remora Holster Initial Review

  1. Bummer. I am sorry it didn’t work for you. I don’t know anything about belly bands. I am glad the gun didn’t come flying out though…that would not have been good.

    • alaskan454 says:

      It works, just not like I had planned to use it. Update coming in a follow-up review post a bit later. Let’s say that I’m still happy that I bought them.

  2. robert says:

    Did u make a follow up. I bought an owb and use a belt that came with a pair of shorts. I put on belt then hook on holster and tuck it in my pants then I use my regular belt on my pants.

  3. Brian says:

    I cant tell you how the product is because i have been waiting 3 weeks for mine to come in. I called remora and was put on hold and after about 5 min on hold was hung up on. i called back and phone picked up and i could hear someone laugh and hang up on me. i called back again and got a recording . I left a detailed message with a call back number and never got a call back. what a poor way to run a company

  4. Bagpipe Mike says:

    Sir, Sorry you’re having a tough time with the Remora. I’ve had my two for several years now & couldn’t be happier. First thing I would suggest is to lose the belly band thing & use holster as it was designed. Between waistband of pants. I started out with one for my little TCP & was so impressed I got one for my 1911 government! Gun does not move. Give it a few days of normal activity & you’ll sell all your other iwb holsters. Good luck.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for your input. I’ve used the Remora quite a bit since I wrote this review. I was never able to make it stay in place IWB. Sure, I could keep it in place if I cinched my belt down tight and didn’t move around much. But the minute I started to bend or twist, it was gone. I can only imagine how quickly it would disappear in a self defense scenario when things really go rodeo. I do use it almost daily as a pocket holster, though. In that role, I haven’t found anything else that can hold a candle to it.

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