It is raining at the moment, and is expected to continue doing so for the remainder of my days off.

Glory!  Hallelujah!  Thank you, Jesus!

I worked my ass off outside yesterday, and had several more things left to do either today or tomorrow.  Because of the rain, I have a guilt-free excuse to procrastinate. Although the rain is going to make the next mowing session worse.

Yesterday morning before daybreak, I was under the truck, replacing the starter.  That took the better part of two hours, but went relatively smoothly.  At least there was no bloodshed and almost no cussing.  After the installation, I learned just how bad the old starter was.  The solenoid wasn’t the only problem.  The old starter pulled a LOT more amperage than the new one does, yet did not spin the engine nearly as fast.  I’m convinced that this was a major source of my starting problems and battery issues, going back to early last year.

After the starter was in, I got cleaned up and headed to Lowe’s for the lumber that I needed to make the last two raised beds for the garden.  While there, I ran into an employee who commented on my gun.  (Of course I was open carrying – nice weather is here.)  I’d seen him before, and I think we had a similar conversation a couple years ago.  He asked what it was.  Ruger.  38?  I shook my head.  Before I had a chance to reply, he guessed, “357?” No, 454.  I don’t wanna have to pull the trigger more than once.  He actually knew guns, and we spent a couple minutes chatting.  It was nice to run into a kindred spirit, even if he was working, and I was in too much of a hurry to have a normal conversation.

I brought the lumber home, cut it, constructed the beds, and placed them in their proper location in the back yard.  I then wheeled eleven wheelbarrow loads of gravel from the street where I parked the truck, to the path area between the new beds and the neighbor’s fence at the rear of my back yard.  (I didn’t actually count the number of loads while I was doing it.  I counted later as I was deleting the captured images from the surveillance camera pointed at the back yard.)

I brushed the sawdust off my pants and boots, and headed back to Lowe’s for topsoil for the new beds.  A pallet of topsoil later (sixty one-cubic foot bags), also transported via wheelbarrow, six bags per load, and the beds were at eighty to ninety percent full.  I raked the soil to reasonably level, and deemed that to be enough manual labor for the moment.

It was early afternoon by then, and I had started on the truck around 0500.  I was surprised at my stamina.  Last year, my back was killing me after two wheelbarrow loads, and I had to stop, rest, and rehydrate frequently.  This year, I was able to maintain a steady pace throughout the entire project.  It’s amazing how much difference it makes having over forty pounds less fat to drag around.  Plus throwing freight, albeit fifteen pound boxes instead of sixty-pound bags, for the better part of eight hours every day at work has helped in both the strength and stamina departments.

I’m not sore today like I expected to be, but my muscles are fatigued and certainly welcome the day off.  I guess I’ll finally get around to scanning and shredding the last six weeks worth of mail, bills, etc., and generally cleaning up the office.

A shooting buddy has requested three hundred rounds of 45 ammo, so it looks like I also get to spend an hour in front of my Dillon 550B, assuming I can clear a path to it.  I enjoy reloading, but Spring is a busy time for me.  Especially when I have special projects like the extra beds.

I do have kits.  I don’t know how many.  The doe covered them so well that I wasn’t certain that there were any until I dug six inches into the pile of fur and straw.  When I saw movement, I stopped digging, and covered them back up.

OK, enough wasting time.  Let’s see if I can find a desk underneath of all this crap.

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2 Responses to Rain

  1. Critter says:

    i feel ya on the raised beds. i only did 15 cubic feet and i’m about worn out. also the 550B is the shite. i’ll never need another loader as long as i live.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I’ve had my 550B for about a decade, and as long as I keep it even halfway clean and lubricated, it churns out ammo by the bucketful. Speaking of which, it’s due again.

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