Brief Update

Annie’s first meal is scheduled to be made today.  I got tired of waiting for Chad Haworth at Custom Reloads of Dallas, Inc. to get around to answering the multiple e-mails that I’ve sent him since mailing payment for Annie’s first 100 rounds over three weeks ago.  Yesterday morning, I called him.  He actually answered the phone, confirmed receipt of my order and payment, and informed me that he planned to load them today.  They should be on the big brown truck of happiness by Monday or Tuesday of next week.  He didn’t apologize for failing to answer my e-mails, though, which I found disappointing. I’ll let you know how Annie likes them after I’ve had a chance to feed her a few.

I’m preparing for my trip to New York Shitty (SPIT!) next week.  I think I told everyone, but in case I didn’t, I had planned to take Wifey to see the Statue of Liberty for International Women’s Day (Eastern Europe’s equivalent to Valentines Day).  Since the money is already spent, the reservations non-refundable, and Wifey is on another continent, I’m taking Roomie.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  First, it is NYC, and second, because of who was supposed to be going with me, but isn’t.  I’ll survive, though, unless hizzoner Mayor Bloomers manufactures an excuse to arrest me.  He’s been known to do such things to us Southern folks when we visit his cesspool city.

I mowed the grass for the first time of the season this morning.  Well, I cut and pulled up a lot of weeds.  The bermuda grass is still brown. My reel mower still works well.  I miss robot Beetle, but I need the exercise.

I bought three boxes of Girl Scout cookies (all Caramel deLites, of course) this morning before I left work.  I just ate two.  Boxes.

My loser, shithead of a nephew, who has owed me about two thousand dollars for a few years, and hasn’t paid me a penny towards his debt for almost the same amount of time, sent me a check for $300 out of the blue yesterday.  I hope it doesn’t bounce.

In three weeks, I will meet my BFF and her husband in person for the first time at the Appleseed event in Ramseur, North Carolina, assuming that they will allow non-participants to show up and hang out.  If not, I’ll try to catch up with them for dinner afterwards.  In any case, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m not a people person, but she’s a real sweetheart, and I want to meet her in person.  Supposedly, hubby’s not jealous.  I plan to find out.

Y’all stay safe out there.  I have an appointment with the Sandman.

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One Response to Brief Update

  1. I know! I am so excited!!

    Try to enjoy New York. There is much to hate about, but there is much to love too. Since your going anyway, have fun!!

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