I’m working on a couple posts that will probably be rather lengthy.  Because of that, and the fact that I’m on day three of an eight day stretch at work, it’s going to be a while before I finish either post.

Since I now have a few folks who stop by at least semi-regularly, and expect new material when they do, I’ll throw out a few dry morsels from my boring life.

I got my federal tax refund today, so Annie’s glass is now on order.

My ammo supplier has not yet confirmed receipt of my order, which I mailed two weeks ago.  He also has not yet responded to the e-mail that I sent one week ago asking for some sort of confirmation.  I imagine his ammo business is a side gig, and he is busy with his real job.  However, he has almost five hundred of my FRNs, and the polite thing to do would be to acknowledge it.

We had a new girl start work last night.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I’m talking, put her next to Scarlett Johansson, and poor Scarlett will look like Joan Rivers by comparison.  Then I found out that she’s only eighteen.  I knew that she was young, but DAMN!  I’m only a couple years from being biologically old enough to be her grandfather.  Talk about a reality check.  Don’t misunderstand, I knew she was way too young for me, and she’s not my type, even if she were older.  I’m just commenting on her appearance.

I’ve been going in circles with my dentist for a few weeks.  When Wifey and The Boy were deemed in need of significant dental work, a treatment plan was presented.  A very welcome offer of a ten percent discount was also offered, if I were to pay in full, in cash, at the time of service.  I asked if money orders counted as cash, and was told that they did.  I didn’t figure they would want that much actual cash in the office, since we were talking two ounces of gold for the first of three visits.

I rounded up, and brought money orders totaling four thousand FRNs for the first treatment visit.  This would cover the cost for that visit, and put a little towards the next one.  Since they went home before the second appointment, I requested the the overpayment of right at four hundred FRNs be refunded to me.

Five communication exchanges over four weeks finally resulted in some unpleasant news.  They cut my discount to five percent, and would be sending a check for two hundred FRNs shortly.

That pissed me off.  Part of me said to just take it and be happy.  It’s not like they were under any obligation to give me any discount at all.  Another part said that since I was promised ten percent, I damn well should get ten percent.  On Monday, I sent an e-mail, asking why I was promised ten, but was now only eligible for five.  I also asked why I was not informed immediately when a correction/change of that magnitude was made to my account.

The office manager replied yesterday.  She said that she had discussed my account with the head dentist, and they had decided to honor the ten percent that I was originally promised.  A check for $399.50 will be in the mail by Friday.  I certainly hope that it shows up.

That’s all for today.  I’m off to bed.

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3 Responses to Non-News

  1. I hope that the guy with the lapua rounds decides to put out and you don’t have to track him down, although the check from the dentist will come in handy if you have to travel to TX and throw your boat anchor/rock of a hi-point at him. If you go that route, I have about a dozen lead semiwadcutter .45 ACP’s that I reloaded last week that, you’re welcome to them so you have something to chuck after the hi-point. They won’t cycle through my 1911 and I have serious doubts that they’ll fit any gun created so far. I can make more too, as a matter of fact since I’m just starting to reload it’s a given that I will.

    Oh, yeah, my name is Enjay, wife to one and mom to three here in dreary cold SC. I don’t have a blog and I found you through Agirl. I don’t comment much but lurk around gun blogs a lot, I speak out the most in agirls comments on her facebook page. Hi.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Hi, Enjay, and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my drivel, and thanks to AGirl for another reader.

      I’ve never loaded any SWCs for 45, nor have I had occasion to try any in any of the 45s that I’ve owned over the years. I’ve heard that some 1911s can be a touch finicky when it comes to feeding certain ammo. My range buddy’s Colt fails to feed probably 10% of the 200gr Rainer HPs that I load for him, but he keeps asking me to load more. Maybe he likes the built-in malfunction practice.

      I live one state to your north, and I normally go to Florida a couple times a year, so if you’d rather donate your current reloads instead of pulling them apart, recovering the components, and trying again, I’ll gladly stop by and take them off your hands my next time south if you’re anywhere near my route of travel. I’m seriously considering getting the cylinder on my 454 machined for moonclips, which would enable me to shoot 45ACP through it (although using that gun for 45 would almost be a waste), so I could use them in it, even if the Boat Anchor cannot be made to function properly.

      This isn’t a gun blog, per se, as you already know if you’ve read very far. That being said, guns and reloading are pretty much my #1 hobby, so I will write about them regularly (between all the “poor, pitiful me” whining). Again, welcome!

  2. I live in the Charleston Suburbs. Actually, if you’re planning on being in the area on the first weekend in May (or there abouts) there’s going to be a gun gathering called Shootzenfest at the Francis Marion national forest held by a forum that I’m a member of. they hold it twice a year, once down here and once upstate. If you want to keep an eye on the forum they should be announcing the official date pretty soon. It’s a lot of fun and people are very generous with their guns. Last time I fired so many neat things, the one that stands out tonight is the chromed out select fire Tommy gun.

    As much as I’d like to make the swc’s go away, I probably shouldn’t because I don’t yet have much .45 acp brass. I have heard that 1911’s can be finicky, I think my 1911 is biased toward round nose because I loaded it with some fancy frangible self-defense rounds my husband got for me, they have a flat nose profile and it wasn’t wanting to send them up the ramp either. The 50 rounds of ball ammo that I shot through when I got it ran smoothly so I’m going to try some of that again when I get the chance. Maybe it’ll loosen up some once it’s finished being broken in?

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