Lurking Rhythmically

Several weeks ago, a young lady who calls herself Erin Palette, and writes over at Lurking Rhythmically commented on my feel-sorry-for-myself post entitled Drunk Blogging.  What she said, and how she said it struck a chord with me.  She sounded like a real sweetheart, and someone I could identify with.  I went and checked out her blog.  Well a couple posts.

She likes guns.  She likes ponies (perfectly acceptable – she is a girl).  She’s a gamer.  Hell, she writes games.  Which makes her intimidatingly intelligent.  Her blog became an “occasional read” for me, pending further investigation.  To be honest, I hadn’t spent much time reading through her archives to get to know her.  I’d been too busy with work, life, and generally trying to forget the events of the past month.

Last week, I responded to the blog award generously bestowed upon my by A Girl.  In it, I made the following statement:

Everybody else I regularly read is already over the 200 follower limit.

Mostly, it was a cop-out, because I was too lazy to check and see exactly how many followers my favorite bloggers had.  I named those closest to me, and didn’t feel like picking one or two more from a list of nearly a hundred on my feed list.

Well, Erin called me out on it.

I guess you don’t read me. Oh well.

I’ve set out to rectify that failure on my part.  I’ve spent a significant portion of my waking hours during the last day getting to know her.  I regret that I waited so long.  I’m still in the first year of her archives, but I’ve learned a lot.

She is well read, and highly intelligent.  Her writing style is engaging and fun, not at all intimidating as one might expect from someone as smart as she is. She has a great sense of humor.  She’s artistic and creative.  She’s not the child I thought she was.  For the record, anyone under 25 is a child in my book.

To make a long story short, I like her.  I’ve added a link to her on my sidebar.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.  Through her blog, of course.  I’m sure that, after my slight, she’ll never speak to me again.  Go check her out.  You won’t be sorry.  She’s worth it.

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8 Responses to Lurking Rhythmically

  1. lpcard says:

    She’s also a Mosin fan (or, as she puts it, a member of the Mosin Militia). I scanned through some of her writings on the subject when she commented on A Girl’s new purchase.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I noticed that. I wonder if she needs a recoil pad to shoot hers. >:)

      • Erin Palette says:

        I do. In fact, I have a slip-on recoil pad on top of a recoil pad built into an ATI aftermarket stock. It still pushes me around quite a bit and my shoulder starts to ache after after 20-30 rounds.

        And yes, I forgive you the slight. If for no other reason than you’re slogging through my archives, and are putting up with all sorts of whining and complaining by me as I try to un-ass myself (which is still a work in progress, mind you.)

      • alaskan454 says:

        The recoil pad comment was a jab at my buddy “lpcard”. I sold him my Mosin, and he promptly bought a recoil pad for it. I’m a recoil junkie, and he, well, isn’t. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        Thank you for the forgiveness. 🙂 As for whining and complaining, I think I have the market cornered on that.

  2. agirlandhergun says:

    I don’t mind you making new friends, but I am the jealous type and you can only have one BFF…me:)

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