Income Tax

Fucking greedy assholes!!!

Mandatory disclaimer:  I don’t mind paying reasonable taxes for necessary services.  However, until our government stops spending like a drunken college student with Daddy’s credit card, and instead, eliminate at least a significant portion of the unnecessary “services”, I’m going to bitch about every penny that I have to pay in taxes, at every level.

I just did my taxes, and did a preliminary calculation for Roomie.  The feds are bad enough, but at least they exempt a few dollars of income before they start the fucking.  Roomie, being single, was allowed $9,500 in income.  I, a married person with a dependent child (such was my status the last day of the tax year, and therefore is how I will be filing), was permitted to make $22,700.  We both fell over a thousand dollars short of the minimum, and will get back every penny paid to the feds.

However, the shitstains who wrote the state income tax law were nowhere as generous.  They only exempt $5,500 for Roomie and $13,500 for me.  Roomie barely went over, so her tax burden will be less than $100.  She’ll still get most of her state tax refunded to her, and this is OK with her.

I wasn’t so lucky.  I owe in the neighborhood of $275, which is more than was taken out of my check by roughly twenty bucks.  Ab-so-fucking-lute-ly unacceptable.  Yes, I’m having a conniption over a single Mr. Jackson.  But it is more than that.  They already took the $250, and I want that back.  It’s bad enough I have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, and have no way to get that back.  I want my damn money!  I have much better uses for it than the assholes in the capitol.

It is still permissable to put up to $5,000 per person, per year into an Individual Retirement Account, assuming that you have at least that much in earned income, and if you do so, the amount that you put into this account does not count as income until you withdraw it.  Yeah, I know that everybody knows IRA rules.  I’m just being an asshole.

So, in my grand desire to not pay a fucking dime of tax, I’m going to put $4,500 that I can’t afford into an account that I can’t use for another eighteen years.  Because I can.  It will require that I drop my credit card payments to the minimums between now and April, and will also mean that nearly every penny that I earn for the next two and a half months will have to be saved.  But I can cover it.  I might have to ride my bicycle to work for a couple weeks, but I will cover it.

Yes, I’m going to pay probably fifty bucks in interest to credit card companies in order to avoid giving the state a little over two hundred.  Let’s just say that I’d rather support the greedy, evil capitalistic pigs who own the banks, than let the state have a fucking penny of my money – when I actually have a choice in the matter.  They can go piss up a fucking rope.

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2 Responses to Income Tax

  1. Rick says:

    Since you are putting this money into an IRA before 4/17/12 – that will also allow you to increase your deductions for your 2011 Fed Income tax. You said you have zeroed that liability out – will having that additional deduction allow you to get additional money back from the fed’s? just a thought …

    • alaskan454 says:

      Welcome, Rick. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Since I am ineligible for EIC or other tax credits, the best I can do is get back what was withheld from my paycheck. The standard deduction and dependent exemptions already more than cover that. The only reason I am contributing is to offset the lower deduction/exemption amounts at the state level. This is all assuming that I understand the rules correctly.

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