Busy Day

I worked last night, and we were busy as hell.  Maybe it just felt that way because my sleep schedule was still fucked up from the events of this past week. In any case, I was glad for the shift to be over.

I got home shortly after 0700, checked my e-mail, and relaxed for a couple minutes.  I then headed out to feed and water the rabbits.  I had made plans with Larry to go to the range at 0800, so as much as anything, I was trying to keep busy enough to stay awake until he arrived.

I have the six juvenile rabbits separated into two cages, with three in each cage.  When I got to the second cage of juveniles, I noticed a fair amount of fur on the ground.  Then I noticed that one had what appeared to be spots of blood all over it.

I examined it for injuries, and except for some minor scratches on its neck immediately below its chin, it appeared normal.  I inspected the second one.  One foot appeared to be slightly injured, but nothing alarming.  The third one was a completely different story.

It had blood all around its mouth, and its lower lip area appeared to be significantly injured.  I don’t know if it chewed its own lip, or what happened.  It was obvious, though, that it had been responsible for the bloody fur on the first one.

I have no idea if it was aggressive towards the other rabbits, or if it had gotten hurt by one of them.

In any case, the significant injury and the possibility that it was either a bully or a victim made me decide to dispatch it.  Larry and his two boys showed up at about this point.  I grabbed my rabbit dispatch gun, a bucket and some gloves.  I then grabbed the injured rabbit, put it into a pet carrier, and off we went to the range.

They are only ten weeks old, and I had planned to wait until the rabbits were about thirteen weeks old to butcher them, since they do not put on weight as quickly as purebred Californians do.  Full blooded Californians normally put on weight quickly enough to be butchered between eight and ten weeks of age.  However, this one dressed out at two and a half pounds, which is pretty close to the average for a fryer.  I’ll probably butcher the rest within a week.

The range trip was good, and I’ll let Larry tell you about it.  He promised an AAR, well, some time after.  I didn’t bring anything to shoot, although I’ve done some recent work to my 10/22 rifle.  I was too tired to perform anywhere near my potential, and I didn’t want my review to be tainted by my fatigue.

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3 Responses to Busy Day

  1. agirlandhergun says:

    Who cares if your up to it, always, always shoot if you get the chance:). Sorry about your rabbit.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I plan to use the review of the 10/22 mods as blog fodder, and I was too tired to make a fair assessment. I did shoot a mag’s worth of Larry’s ammo, and embarrassed myself in the process.

      As for the rabbit, she was going to be dinner at some point anyway. I truly despise the dispatch part of that procedure, though. I really do.

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