Reader Skidmark was kind enough to send me some knives from his “stuff I no longer use” box.  Please allow me to say that Skid is an awesome individual.  I have a couple favorites, and a couple others that, pending successful rabbit duty, will definitely be on the “keeper” list.  I honestly don’t know what to say.

Skid asked for nothing in return.  He simply shared with a fellow human being, with no further expectations.  He did mention old superstition about exchanging silver for a knife or something bad will happen.  I’d never heard of said superstition, but I complied.  Why tempt fate?

There were about half a dozen knives in the envelope.  I immediately took to the little Kershaw, mostly because of the opening mechanism.  Others appealed to me for other reasons. I will give them all the opportunity to perform for me, and as per Skid’s request, I will pass on any that I choose not to utilize on a regular basis.

Thank you.

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2 Responses to Knives

  1. skidmark says:

    Can’t trust a redneck to know his own history via superstition! Silver is a ward against the devil. If I get silver from you in exchange for a knife the devil will not tempt you to cut me with what used to be my own blade. Apparently not everybody knew that!

    And as for me being an “awesome individual” – you repeat that one more time and I’ll sue for damage to my reputation.

    Seriously, anybody who had to go through life with a knife that broke dealing with a rabbit needs some decent steel. And that really big one? That’s just because you said you answer the door with a butter knife. Man, that’s just embarassing.

    stay safe.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Well, Shee-it. I reckon I’m damn near worthless. I don’t know superstitions that I should know. I try to thank a feller who was nice to me, and damaged his reputation in the process.

      Oh, and where did I say that I answer the door with a butter knife? It might be china steel, but it’s (at least marginally) better than a butter knife. Many thanks for the improved option, though. The big ‘un is definitely a favorite. Hell, I like ’em all.

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