On Blogs and Blogging

I spend a fair amount of my free time reading blogs.  Most of my regular reads will mention their traffic/hits/visits/whatever from time to time.  This seems to be important.  I don’t know if it is the attraction to some level of fame, or what.  Such is not the case with me.  In case you have forgotten, I would like to refer you to my initial post here.

I have observed various tactics employed for the purpose of attracting more views.  Many will take a recent news story and give their take on it.  I’m OK with this, and in fact, it seems to be the most common method used by the bloggers in my circle of interest.  I see this as a good thing, since it allows important information that the traditional media ignores to get out there.

What I don’t get is when someone feels the need to link a dozen or more different stories per day, with minimal commentary on each.  Even if the stories are relevant to me, I will likely ignore these posts, and eventually the blogs themselves.  If a blogger appears to be that passionate about so many different events every day, the reality is that they are not really passionate about any of them.  They just dumped the results of their news search into a blog post or series of posts.

Not all of us can be like the Princess of Prose, the Queen of Snark, or otherwise well-known.  Not all of us want to be.  Yes, I was thrilled when A Girl linked to me and sent an avalanche of traffic my way.  It was flattering.  I netted a few regular readers and commenters out of it.  For this, I’m thankful.  At least now, I’m not talking to myself.

I’ve grown particularly fond of AKGRRRL.  She and her husband truly seem like “my people”.  They are gun folks with a survivalist mentality (pretty much a requirement, living in Alaska), who want to live their life with minimal interference from .gov, nosy neighbors, the occasional attack moose, and suchlike.

Despite my intense aversion to the general public, I need an outlet of some sort.  I need to talk to somebody, even if that somebody is everybody and nobody all at the same time.  Confused yet?

OK, my train of thought, such as it is, derailed about three paragraphs back.  I had a point when I started typing, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was.  What the hell.  I’ll click “Publish” and add the point later if it ever comes to me.  It sucks to get old.

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6 Responses to On Blogs and Blogging

  1. Akgrrrl says:

    Aww thx Grumpy:) I can see where u were going. Your whole point about writhing your blog is an outlet. Writting is really good therapy and a great way to vent. Sure you didn’t plan on having as many people come visit but I come here because what you say and feel is real and not candy coated. You say what your thinking at that moment and it’s real. I like that:)

  2. mortalis09 says:

    Lol the two of you and your interactions are just as hilarious as the blog is refreshing lol. That said i hear what your saying about the gazillion miniposts linked to articles, my way of compromising is that instead of sharing and replying to a million different posts i added a widget to the bottom of my blog which updates daily with links to any news stories newly posted to the google search engine. If someone WANTS to go look at those links then that is what they are there for (i get the same information in my inbox daily) and i don’t end up shoving annoying one liners in my readers faces. Oh the word press blog i’m commenting with is just my backup, the actual blog is at gunpolitics.info

    • Akgrrrl says:

      Are u on Facebook? Lol I think I ” like ” that blog today. 🙂

      • mortalis09 says:

        lol yep facebook is facebook.com/gunpoliticsblog and on twitter it is @gunpoliticsblog and you may have – can’t tell who my new likes are atm because it is not notifying me of them like it used to and i have no idea why. Lol i post a lot more to the page and twitter acct (which are linked) than i do to the blog itself because i don’t want to clutter up the blog w/ random stuff

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