Straight Up White Trash

The other day, I provided transportation for a co-worker home from work.  She’s a nice lady, only a few years older than me.  She’s crazier’n a loon, but I like her.  She needed a ride because her license has been suspended.

For a drunk driving conviction.

Her fifth one.

I pulled into the trailer park (seriously) where she lives with her pregnant, unwed, recreational pharmaceutical-using daughter to drop her off.  She loves to talk, and before she got out of the car, she pointed to a nearby trailer.

Ya see that trailer over there?  That’s where my ex-husband lives.  He stops by sometimes when his girlfriend ain’t home.  

I suppressed a grin.

Yeah, she used to live in that other trailer back there with her husband, ’til they broke up.  I helped her move her stuff outta there and into my ex’s trailer.  I asked her if he had a gun, and when she said no, I went right over to help.  

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

I used to think that the Jerry Springer Show was completely scripted.  Now, I’m not so sure.

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3 Responses to Straight Up White Trash

  1. Akgrrrl says:

    Some people have no shame..

    • alaskan454 says:

      I thought about it after I posted this – I don’t have much room to talk. I did marry my ex’s sister, and we all share a roof at the moment…

      • Akgrrrl says:

        Lol and it sounds like the only paying the price for that is you;) we all have Jerry Springer stuff happen in our lives at one time or another:))

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