Here We Go Again

When I got off work New Years Eve morning, the price for a gallon of regular gasoline was advertised at $3.049 by the local stop-n-rob between BigBoxRetailer and my home.  Yesterday morning, a mere eight days later, it was $3.459.

I’m all for capitalism.  I’m all about supply and demand.  If the stupid-as-fuck general public is willing to pay a hundred FRNs for an ounce of the stuff, then the seller has the right to ask that much for it.  No outcry for price controls here.  Oil is a commodity.  Speculation factors into the price.

What pisses me off as much as anything is all the hand-wringing that everyone, including especially politicians do whenever the price goes up.  The drilling regulations and prohibitions dreamed up and enforced by said politicians are a big part of why the price is so high, and why the price goes up even more every time some raghead dictator gets his panties in a wad.  We could be self-sufficient, or very nearly so if we didn’t have drilling bans here for this stupid reason and there for some other equally idiotic reason.

Oil companies are the fall guys, but they aren’t getting rich off of the stuff.  Neither are the local gas stations.  The fucking government is.  But they never bring that up, do they?

As of 01 January 2012, I pay 57.6 cents in taxes per gallon of gasoline that I buy.  Folks in some forward-thinking states (*cough*KalifornistanandNewYawk*cough*) pay 67 cents or more.  Based on the pump price as of 01 January ($3.099/gallon), I pay twenty-three fucking percent tax to the guvmint for motor fuel.  There is no way in hell that everyone else combined – the explorers who found the oil, the drillers who accessed it and pumped it to the surface, the refinery, the transportation folks, and the local gas stations who retail the stuff, all combined pocket that much TOTAL after expenses.

But Uncle Sugar does.  And the fucking politicians have the gall to bitch about the rich oil companies whenever the price of oil goes up.

Hey, assholes!  How about you repeal the taxes on the stuff (immediate 20+% price drop) and then repeal the drilling bans, if you really give a flying fuck about how much it costs poor Constituent Doe to fill up his car with gas.  That’s right.  You don’t really give a shit.  You just need to deflect the blame elsewhere so the sheep will vote you another term come election time.

Remember sub-$2/gallon gasoline just a few years ago, even with over fifty cents of that in taxes – when GW did away with the offshore drilling ban?  Nobody actually did any drilling, but the fact that it was no longer illegal to do so made a huge impact on the market price.  The world knows we’re sitting on piles and piles of the shit, and if the envirno-Nazis (with apologies to Hitler and his long-dead cronies for my use of the word, not that I am sympathetic to the socialist sonofabitch, may he continue to roast in hell) hadn’t bullied us into outlawing the utilization of our natural resources, oil would still be twenty-something bucks a barrel, with gasoline a corresponding buck fifty or so a gallon.

Damn politicians.  And the dumbass voters who keep electing them.  Sometimes, I think that we have the government that we deserve.

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9 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Larry says:

    The state of NC raised gas taxes 3.9 cents per gallon on the first, a little present from the outgoing state Senate (bastards) who refused to entertain a bill to cap the gas tax at 35 cents per gallon.
    So far just the state of NC makes 38.9 cents per every gallon of gas you buy, that’s not including the federal or local taxes.
    The evil capitalist pig oil companies skin you for approximately eight percent, or about two bits a gallon at current prices. The gas stations make the insane profit of a couple of pennies a gallon.
    I had my little rant about it on the second of the month.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I remember reading your rant, and I didn’t plan to copy your work. But, with a 12+% price increase in a little over a week, presumably because the tinpot dictator of some oil-rich country farted, I had to say something. The taxes just further increase my frustration with the whole situation.

      Thanks for stopping by, sir.

  2. Jim says:

    The gas tax (I’m only talking about the Federal tax here) is for the Interstate system, which the Feds are responsible for. The Insterstates are a modern day equivalent of the Post Roads (regardless of the initial reason for building them), and the Federal Gov’t is required by the Constitution to raise funds to maintain them. If you want to change it, then amend the Constitution. The Federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon and has not changed since 1993, nor was it adjusted for inflation so it is not as onerous as it used to be (so it does not pay for as much upkeep of the Interstate system as it used to, which would explain some infrastructure issues we’ve had). This is one of the few taxes that is actually legitimate (again, Fed only).

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Jim. I agree with you on a federal level. My complaint really starts with the state-level car/fuel taxes, which keep increasing. Most states charge a personal property (value-based, the name differs from state to state) tax for each vehicle, and a vehicle registration fee, all in addition to the fuel tax. If all this money went towards infrastructure costs, there wouldn’t be a pothole anywhere.

      The problem is that they use motor vehicles as one of many revenue sources for unrelated and unnecessary bullshit. For the record, I don’t mind paying reasonable taxes if they go towards useful things.

      • Jim says:

        I’m with you on the state level (and that is not to say the Feds spend the money they recieve wisely…). I don’t think most people realize the difference between fed and state gas tax (and for some reason it doesn’t seem to be in the politicians interest to explain it, either). Also, you are absolutely right that a lot of that money does not go to infrastructure. Government moving money around in a giant shell game? No way! (/sarc…sorry, couldn’t resist a little sarcasm).

  3. Rob Kuhn says:

    You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. Was ranting about the same thing to my wife the other day. Been trying to convince my fellow citizens of the same for a long time. I guess it is just easier to be lazy and lay emotional blame on the ‘evil, greedy’ companies that provide the products everyone wants (energy sources of all types) than to really look for acutal cause and effect.

    As you said, we have plenty of potential natural resources (don’t even need to necessarily exploit them) to help drive market price down (and stabilize it), but our politicians and beauracrats keep them off limits. False scarcity = needlessly inflated price.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Welcome, Rob. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my corner of the blog-o-sphere and to comment on my ranting.

      The tax side of it annoys me a lot, what with the efficiency and frugality that our government has demonstrated (NOT), but their meddling in the market really galls me. I’m sure related rants will be forthcoming.

  4. mortalis09 says:

    Reblogged this on Gun Politics Blog and commented:
    completely unrelated to guns and has a fair bit of profanity but if you don’t mind the language and gas prices tick you off then it’s worth a read

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