First Rabbit Meal

Yesterday evening before work, I ate my first rabbit dish.  Wifey had made one of my favorites, гречка и гуляш, or buckwheat and goulash.  Her version of goulash is chunks of meat cooked in a saucepan in its own juices, with onions, a small amount of carrot, and spices.  It is cooked down until the sauce is relatively thick, almost like a thin gravy.  Normally she makes it with pork, or occasionally beef.  Yesterday, it was rabbit.

Since the rabbits were older than is normal for fryers, she decided to make something that involved more cooking time, to be sure that the meat was not tough or chewy.  Rabbit is typically used in much the same way as chicken.  It is all white meat, and according to many, is one of the healthiest meats one can eat.

It is also quite tasty.  It was Wifey’s first time cooking rabbit, and she refused to taste it, even enough to judge the proper amount of spices.  Despite this, she nailed it.  It was cooked and seasoned properly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was a bit apprehensive before my first bite.  Not only was it a new meat for me, but I had watched the animal grow from a baby to near-adulthood.  I had ended its life and prepared the carcass for cooking.

And I am thankful for its sacrifice and the pleasure and sustenance that it provided.  And will continue to provide, since I only ate a small portion including the initial helping last night and the second helping this morning.  I am not a foodie, so I cannot describe the meat in a way that you might understand.  I can only say that it is good, and I could easily adapt to it as my primary source of protein.

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