has been homesick since she got here, but instead of improving like I had hoped, it seems to have gotten worse the last week or so. As if that wasn’t enough, the Boy had a rough bout of it (homesickness) the past two days. Obviously, this doesn’t help Mommy at all.

Honestly, it’s bad enough that I don’t know if she is going to stay. I hope that she will be able to suffer through long enough to complete the process of getting her permanent resident status. If she leaves before that is done, it will be essentially impossible for her to return, regardless of how much she may regret her decision. However, if she is massively depressed, I don’t want her here. I love her, and if she decides that she’s not happy here, and would be happy there, I’ll put her ass on a plane tomorrow. And would probably stay drunk for at least a month afterward.

I really hope she starts to feel more comfortable and more “at home” here soon.

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