Babblings of an idiot

I haven’t had much to write about recently, and today is no exception. So, I’m going to babble about nothing.

I’ve felt more rested lately. a friend suggested the herbal sleep aid Sweet Slumber in response to a whiny comment that I made a few weeks ago. Of course, my Walmart doesn’t carry it. They do carry several others, and since I had researched the product before going shopping, I knew the active ingredients. The closest thing I found was Alteril, which has most of the same active ingredients as Schiff’s Sweet Slumber just in slightly different quantities, with some L-Tryptophan thrown in for good measure.

The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablets. I tried a one tablet dose the first day, but I didn’t notice much improvement. I don’t think I woke up quite as many times as had become normal for me, and I was able to make it six hours before I was unable to get back to sleep. I was still tired, and therefore I still wasn’t happy. The next day, I took the full two-tablet dose. I still didn’t make eight hours, but I slept more soundly, and didn’t have any problem getting back to sleep the few times that I did wake up.

Since then, I’ve taken one tablet before bed on days that I do not work, and two on days that I do work. The actual sleep duration and number of times that I wake up still varies, but I have continued to feel better rested, with no grogginess or other aftereffects. Thanks, Libby!

I hope to not need it on a regular basis, but I plan to continue taking it as I have until the box is done. After that, I’ll play it by ear. It’s $15 for 60 tablets, but I don’t guess fifty cents a day is too much to pay for good sleep – assuming it continues to work. If I continue to need it.

The precious metals market took a dump this week. Silver is down over 20% and gold is down over 10% since the last time I wrote down the numbers about two weeks ago. My $310 investment was worth almost $550 at that time. Today it is only worth $475. I lost almost 15% of my investment in just a few days. I think I’m going to cry. NOT. I’m still up over 50% in the two years since I made my purchase.

What other legal investment could have duplicated a similar return? I’m waiting. Can’t think of one? Me, neither. Oh, and the “loss” is only on paper. There is no real loss or gain until there is a sale. I haven’t sold anything, so I haven’t gained or lost anything.

Male rabbit Lucky is normally the best behaved of all of them. His cage is the cleanest, and he has less of an attitude when I have to handle him or do something in/to his cage. Last week, he pulled a stunt that made me change my opinion slightly. The little shit bit through the cage wire and got out. His cage is the only one remaining that is just light 2″ poultry wire. I’ve had to upgrade the others with 1″ welded wire or 1/2″ hardware cloth, at least in certain places, to stop digging and/or to prevent the kits from getting out.

Lucky has a thing for Bonnie, and chewed a hole in the corner of his cage closest to hers. He was sitting next to her cage looking at her when I found him. I repaired his escape hatch with a leftover piece of the hardware cloth. Let’s see him chew through that.

The kits from Bonnie’s first litter are growing slowly. They are about two and a half months old, but only weigh about four pounds. I was finally able to definitively sex them a last week. There are three females and one male. This week, I noticed that the male has figured out that he is a male and is trying to mount his sisters on occasion. The second kit cage is in progress, but still unfinished.

Supposedly, the females won’t be fertile for another month and a half at least, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry. I guess I’m going to have to find that hurry, and finish the other cage. I am six days into a fifteen day stretch, during which I work twelve days and have no consecutive days off. I was planning to finish the cage next weekend when I am actually scheduled two whole days in a row off.

I tried putting the juvenile male in with Lucky as a temporary solution to keep him from harassing his siblings and to buy more time to finish the cage. I was prepared for some aggression, but instead, Lucky tried to mate with the poor thing. I guess I’ve conditioned him to screw anything that I put in the cage with him, but I thought he had more sense than that. Obviously, I was wrong.

It’s rained nearly every day for the last two weeks, which despite the cooler temperatures, has caused the grass to really need some attention. By the time BigTicketRetailer and Mother Nature come up with some mutual cooperation, it’s really going to be a chore to take care of with the reel mower.

I managed to find an excuse to leave work early after half of my shift yesterday morning. OK, it was almost a real reason. I pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder/neck the previous shift, causing me significant pain when moving certain ways. Aleve didn’t help much, but I was just going to take it easy and tough it out for however many shifts until it healed. Then I woke up with a sore throat and sinus congestion. A couple hours into the shift, I was exhausted, had a pounding headache, and was having some minor dizziness. That’s when I decided that I’d had enough.

Last night I was scheduled off, thankfully, because I’m not feeling any better. I just went to the post office a few minutes ago, and I almost got into a losing fight with a guard rail while exiting the subdivision, thanks to a momentary loss of concentration/coordination. Unless I wake up significantly improved, tonight is really going to suck, but I’m going in anyway. If they don’t think my performance is worth my pay, they can send me home.

OK, the pills are starting to work. I’m off to bed.

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