Things Nobody Cares About

I haven’t written anything in a while, so I figured now was as good of a time as any.

Miss Piggy kindled last week. She delivered nine kits, but four did not survive. I do not know if they died during the birth or shortly thereafter. In the morning, there were none, and in the afternoon there were five living and four dead. None of the dead ones showed any deformity or sign of injury, so only God knows what happened. The remaining five seemed healthy at my last observation just before dark last night.

I played Suzie Homemaker yesterday/today. After work, I did some grocery shopping. After getting some sleep, I vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned the bathroom, and did the laundry. I still need to vacuum the stairs and the downstairs area. The kitchen and downstairs half bath could use a little attention, too. No promises on whether I get to it before I go to bed or not.

Some of the tomatoes I harvested last week had already split a little before I picked them, and I wasn’t able to eat all of them before they started to go bad. I just ran them through the blender, so my worms are eating well at the moment. I took down the trellises that the cucumbers were attached to, and pulled up the dead vines. I will plant some more radishes in another couple weeks after it starts to cool off.

I finally got around to readjusting my AR-15, so it is now ready for a very expensive range test. I’m not sure if I’ll do it before my normally scheduled range visit on Friday or not. My Evil Black Rifle has been out of service for a couple months, and as shameful as that is, I don’t know if another four days is going to make a whole lot of difference or not. I guess it depends on whether the zombie apocalypse descends upon us before then or not.

I had five of the last six days off from work. I was scheduled to do a temporary Leakwatch job in Wilmington, but it got postponed because of Irene. They called yesterday afternoon to let me know that they are starting tomorrow. I had to let them know that unless the primary has an emergency, I won’t be able to help them out, despite the cash involved. I could work tonight, but it is my last night off until next Wednesday (yeah, BigTicketRetailer only gave me 16 hours last week, then scheduled me seven in a row this week into next week – go figure). I really don’t feel like spending six hours on the road plus another seven hours sitting on my butt trying to stay awake, even if it would mean over a hundred bucks.

Speaking of Irene, she stayed far enough off the coast that all we got here was a little extra wind and a touch of rain. I don’t know why there was such a big deal made over this storm. It is just weather, and not all that severe weather either. It was only a cat 3 at the strongest, and anybody with half a brain living within a hundred miles of the coast should already be prepared for such an event. It’s not like there were any sub-sea level cities in the affected areas.

I’ll never understand why people buy more fresh milk than normal when a storm heads their way. If things get bad enough that they won’t be able to buy more when they normally would, it’s going to be bad enough that they will likely lose power and the milk will go bad anyway. If you can’t survive without milk, they have this stuff called powdered or dry milk that stays good for years that you mix with water when you need some. Water, on the other hand, is a good idea. I keep a few cases in the garage at all times, even though the chances of a weather event that will necessitate its use are very slim.

I had to recover my secondary desktop PC last week after a hard drive failure. I have both Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu (Linux) installed on both desktops, because I do occasionally need Windoze for one thing or another. I was rudely reminded as to exactly how big of a pain in the ass Windows is. It took me over three hours to get the OS loaded, the drivers loaded, the security updates downloaded and installed, etc., to get the Windows side functional. I’m still working on restoring all the settings and reinstalling the the third-party software. The Ubuntu install took less than 45 minutes, with over half of that being download time to get the latest version of everything. If I had taken the time to download and burn a CD of the latest version, that part would have been eliminated, but the extra twenty minutes would have been spent downloading either way. Another five minutes and the settings, browser bookmarks, etc., were all restored and it was as though nothing ever happened. Windows sucks!

OK, enough babbling for this time.

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