I had a weird experience earlier this morning. One of the people I work with is a young Asian girl. She looks to be late teens or early 20’s, and is dark-skinned Asian like some Filipinas, but her facial structure looks more Japanese or Thai than Filipina. Anyway, the other day, she told me that she thought I was one of the nicest guys working there. I have no idea what prompted it, but it made me feel nice. Hell, I’m probably older than her father, and she’s saying nice things to me for no real reason.

Well, this morning, she had occasion to hand me some boxes in the course of our work. I made it a point to touch her hands during the exchange. Yeah, I’m a dirty old man. Sue me. What happened next was completely unexpected. My dick decided to stand up. Understand, I’m not attracted to females of color. I’m sure it would come as a huge disappointment to my former Klan brothers, but I will admit some curiosity when it comes to light-skinned Asian girls. However, darker females of any flavor – negro, mexican, asian, indian (either variety), etc., normally don’t do anything for me.

The girl from this morning came as even more of a surprise, because she’s not all that attractive, at least from a traditional standpoint. She’s heavy, especially for Asian, but she has almost no ass. Most Asians I’ve seen have this rounded bubble-butt – not as much as negroes, but more bubble than White girls. This chick doesn’t even have that, despite the extra ~30 pounds that she’s carrying around.

I prefer heavier girls (a size 12-14 dress size on average – not BBW) but proportional. She’s not in the BBW category, but she isn’t proportional. She’s not White. She’s young enough to be my daughter. Despite all this, she managed to give me a boner just from brief hand-to-hand contact. I’m 40+ years old. My shit doesn’t stand up for no good reason, and hasn’t for a decade or two.

Strange. I don’t get it.

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