Baby bunniez…

… we haz them. Well, one at least, and right on schedule.

Or, let’s say that there is something moving slightly (presumably breathing) underneath of a big pile of fur, grass and straw inside the nest box in Bonnie’s cage. It is really too early in the day for them to be fully effective, but while she was outside enjoying the lack of direct sunlight, I put the frozen bottles inside her enclosure. I stayed as far away as possible from the babies, though. I don’t want to get my scent near them and cause her to refuse to feed them as a result. Updates to follow when it/they get big enough to poke out of the pile of fur far enough for me to see details.

Bonnie appears to be a bit lethargic (as expected), but pretty much normal. Although there is plenty of room inside away from the babies, she is spending a lot of time outside. In the last hour since I got home, I saw her go inside briefly twice. The rest of the time she’s been outside. She has enough food for three days at her normal rate of consumption, and two full water bottles, so I shouldn’t have to bother her much for a while except for swapping the bottles out to keep her cool. I’ll keep an eye on her until I go to bed, and then check on her again as soon as I get up tonight. If there are going to be problems, I would expect them to manifest themselves within the first 24 hours. So far, all appears well.

Not much else is new. Roomie made about a gallon of salsa last night from tomatoes and onions from the garden. She used store-bought jalapeños this time, but ours will probably be ready in time to use with the late variety tomatoes. There are still quite a few early tomatoes on the vines that are turning red. It looks like tomato sandwiches and salads will be the order of the week.

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