Quite a few of our early tomatoes are starting to turn red. Starting in about another week, we’ll probably have as many tomatoes as we want plus quite a few, continuing for a couple months. Two of our late tomato plants have brown leaves and appear to be dying, and not just one or two stalks – the whole plant. The plants around them seem OK, so I haven’t culled the afflicted ones yet. I keep hoping that they will recover.

I picked my first cucumber this morning. It is far from the first one that has been harvested from our garden, but it was the first one that I actually picked. There was already one inside that Roomie picked last week, but it is over a foot long and weighs in at over two pounds. I didn’t want that much, so I picked a few ~8″ ones. After I got them inside, I found that there were already several in a crisper drawer that Roomie had picked at some earlier time. There are quite a few more on the vines, every stage from just forming to ready to harvest. What a difference good soil and plenty of water makes!

Quite a few of the buds on our jalapeño plants have turned into tiny peppers. I don’t think we’ll get any habaneros this year, though. Several of the plants flat out died, and the rest have stayed the same size since we transplanted them outside over a month ago. I guess we’ll have to start them a month or more earlier next year, and let them get a lot bigger before moving them outside.

Our second crop of radishes is probably a week and a half from being large enough to start harvesting. I’m sure the rabbits will appreciate that. In place of the radish tops, we’ve been pulling grass from around the vegetable beds (or wherever the grass it tall enough to be pulled) and giving that to them.

I groomed all three rabbits this morning, trying to keep their coats as thin as possible to help them better tolerate the heat. (Yes, I remember the title of this note. This subject fits.) Bonnie didn’t like it at all, growling and running away quite a few times. Miss Piggy repeatedly, violently jumped up and attacked the slicker brush, connecting with her teeth several times. I don’t think she appreciated the attention. What do you think? Lucky moved every chance he got, but showed no real aggression.

Since Bonnie is due in about four days, I put the nest box and bedding in her house so she can start to arrange it however she wants. When I checked on her a few minutes later, she was trying to climb behind it. Since that is where I normally put one of the frozen bottles, I just put a bottle there and pushed the box up against it. The last couple days, I’ve noticed that she is takes some of the grass that I give her inside instead of leaving whatever she didn’t want to eat outside. This is a change, and seems like nesting behavior. Methinks baby bunnies will arrive soon.

I think my body has figured out that it is losing weight, and has decided that it doesn’t like it. I’ve had a ravenous appetite the last week or so, which I have obeyed for the most part. As a result, the scale remains in the 190-195 range, following the brief drop into the upper 180’s. If my appetite doesn’t reset soon, I’ll start to ignore it and eat like I know I should.

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