Yellow Dot Heating and Air Conditioning …

… with offices in Hillsborough and Raleigh, North Carolina is the HVAC contractor who initially installed and recently serviced my home air conditioning system. You may recall, about three weeks ago I complained about their charge of just under three hundred dollars to replace a leaking service valve and refill the system with freon. I wrote them the following letter the evening after the service visit:

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed you will find a copy of the service invoice from your technician’s visit earlier today. You will see from reviewing your records that my warranty expired a mere twenty-five days ago.

When I called in the service request this morning, I was informed that there was a possibility that the repair could be covered under warranty since the warranty had so recently expired. The technician informed me that the decision was made not to cover the repair, and as such, I would have to pay for the visit and the repairs. I paid as requested.

I respectfully request that you reconsider your decision and either return my check without depositing it, or refund the amount that I paid. I am not an HVAC technician, but I have been an electronics technician for the past twenty years. Although it is impossible to prove with any degree of certainty, it seems to me that the problem corrected by your technician probably already existed prior to the expiration of the warranty, but was not discovered due to the lack of a significant need for air conditioning prior to that date.

If you choose not to cover this service call and repair under warranty, such is your right. However, I must remind you that it is also my right to choose which service provider to call when I need service, and which companies I recommend (either for or against) to my friends and neighbors. Your decision will decide these questions for me.

Last week, I finally received a reply. They did not reverse their decision, but the builder, Centex (Pulte) supposedly paid for it under a courtesy thirty-day extension of my warranty. I doubt the accuracy of the story, but I did get the refund check on Saturday. I haven’t decided if I will call them the next time I need a HVAC vendor or not. Hopefully I will have a long time to think about it before I need one again.

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