More Boring Stuff

I must be doing something right at work. Last night the manager realized that I was only scheduled 24 hours this week and asked me if I wanted to work tonight even though I was scheduled off. I agreed, since I’d probably just waste the night playing Frontierville or watching videos anyway.

My beloved new KelTec PF9 broke last week. Some friends wanted to try it out, so I took it to the range on Friday. Almost 100 rounds into the day (~250 total rounds fired) the extractor broke. It was disappointing, but not a confidence killer for me. I knew when I bought it that it wasn’t a range gun, but at the same time I wasn’t expecting any broken parts in the first 1,000 rounds. I called KelTec when I got back from the range (lifetime warranties are great), and they were most understanding and helpful. They promised to put a new one in the mail that day, and said that although my failure wasn’t unheard of, it definitely shouldn’t have happened at 250 rounds. If they mailed it as promised, it should arrive today, which means that the gun will be back in service tonight – if I can find my allen wrenches. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

Roomie transplanted another 20 tomato plants outside yesterday. We now have 38 total plants of two different varieties – one early, one late. If they all survive and produce, we’ll have tomatoes running out of our ears before long. We also have 75+ jalapeño plants that will go out in another week or so. They didn’t do so well germinating last year, so this year we started way more than we needed, expecting only a 10-20% germination rate. Instead, we got 90+%. I even got a handful of habaneros to start. I’ve always wanted to try those, but I’ve had worse luck with them than the jalapeños for germination.

I’ve been neglecting handling the rabbits since starting my new job, and it shows. All three ran from me yesterday when I tried to pet them, and both girls verbalized a little when I first got them cornered. Bonnie tried to make me think she was going to bite me again, but didn’t put enough effort into the attempt to be successful. I’m going to have to be more faithful with the attention if I want to keep them manageable. At least they are healthy and happy (as long as I leave them alone, anyway).

Other than that, it’s been life as usual.

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