I’ve taken the liberty of renaming our doe rabbit – the one formerly known as Bonnie. It’s not a very nice name, but it suits her. It also starts with the letter “B”. I’ll let you figure it out on your own. She has taken to relieving herself inside her house instead of outside like the others do. It started a couple weeks ago when we had a couple days of steady rain, but she has continued the habit. I’ve tried moving the urine-soaked bedding straw outside, cleaning up the area inside using a soap solution to cover/eliminate the smell and putting down fresh bedding. I’ve even completely blocked her from coming inside the shelter for 48 hours. As soon as I let her back inside, she went back to her old tricks. It wouldn’t be so bad, but she has picked the back corner furtherest from the entrance – the only logical place for her nest box when the time comes for her to kindle.

If that wasn’t enough, she growls at me every day. I’ve never heard of a rabbit growling, but this one most certainly does. Every time I try to get anywhere near her, she either runs or if cornered, growls. Today, she took it up another level. She had swung her head around towards my hand on previous occasions when I tried to touch her. Instinctively, I would jerk my hand back, but I figured she was just trying to intimidate me into leaving her alone. This morning I didn’t move fast enough and she connected with her teeth. It was just a scrape, but enough to draw blood. She got an extra two minutes of petting, partly an attempt to continue to get her used to being handled, and partly for spite because I know she hates it. She better turn out to be a really great mother, or she’s going to find herself in a stew despite her pretty blue eyes and Maria’s attachment to her.

Her littermate, Miss Piggy, is the exact opposite. She no longer runs from me and doesn’t even flinch when I touch her. She has turned into quite the angelic bunny. Just my luck, she’s probably going to end up a poor breeder.

Lucky is doing great. He still runs from me on occasion, but grudgingly tolerates being handled. The bald spot in his fur has mostly filled in and he seems to be in good health.

I’m supposed to get a NZ/Rex doe in a couple weeks, but I haven’t heard from the breeder since just before his doe was due – about a month ago. I should probably get another hutch built for her and yet another for the weaned kits, although that one can wait a couple months.

OK, enough of my boring ramblings about my micro-livestock.

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