So-Called Humans

People wonder why I am a recluse, avoiding most human contact. Please let me share a few recent observations.

There were as many or more carts scattered around the parking lot as there were in the “Return Carts Here” area. A large percentage were within ten steps of a cart return stall. That’s just plain lazy. Some had trash left in them, although there are trash cans in several locations around the lot and at every entrance. I saw one guy select one of these carts, head for the entrance, and upon noticing the trash left by the previous user, he threw it on the ground. How disrespectful can one be?

In a mall parking lot, I observed a family go inside. One person and a child remained in the vehicle. After a short time, the “adult” got out, threw a feces-filled diaper on the ground, and when it didn’t go far enough under the car to suit her, she kicked it. She then took the child and walked in, directly by a trash can. Human? NOT!

Walking through several stores, I noticed merchandise all over the floor. People (if you can call them that) would knock things on the floor and not bother to pick them up. Children would throw things in full view of their parents, the behavior was ignored, and the items left for someone else to pick up.

After finishing a meal at a fast-food restaurant, a couple got up and left, not bothering to take their food wrappers and condiment packages to the trash can next to the exit door. There were no children to distract them, or any other excuse. They just didn’t want to throw away their trash, so they didn’t.

I could go on and on. Litter everywhere at a popular tourist spot. The guy who threw a McDonalds bag out of the window of his car in plain daylight with no concern about who might see him. It may seem like I’m ranting mostly about litterbugs, but it goes deeper than that. So many in our society today have no respect for themselves or anyone else, and refuse to take responsibility for anything.

There are no consequences for my actions.

Someone else will clean up after me.

Someone else will take care of me.

These aren’t “people” I want to associate with. I don’t even want to share my oxygen or my planet with them. This is not the world I want to live in. Unfortunately, it is the world that I do live in, and there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t beat up or shoot everyone that I see doing stupid shit, as much as I sometimes want to. Almost every time I go somewhere, it seems like the concentration of disrespectful, entitlement assholes increases.

So, I have become a crotchety recluse who hoards ammunition, food, etc., and prepares for the inevitable collapse that will result from too many of these types of people being in charge.

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