Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Knife Review

Recently, I purchased a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Black FRN Plain Edge Knife from Amazon.


It is 5.56 inches open; 3.3 inches closed; with a 2.25-inch blade, which is adequate for most non-defensive tasks.
I wanted a smaller option, since my EDC Spyderco Paramilitary 2 causes raised eyebrows under certain circumstances, with a blade length of ~3.5 inches. Spyderco likes their knives quite a bit. The D2 set me back just over fifty dollars. That’s a significant chunk of change.

But I am convinced that you get what you pay for. I have one gripe about the Dragonfly. Only one. The clip isn’t adjustable. You’re stuck carrying it tip up, if you use the clip. Personally, I prefer tip down, but for its intended application, it makes little difference.

It is extremely light (1.2 ounces) and essentially disappears into your pocket. It is well built, with a strong blade lock and good quality VG-10 steel. It comes razor sharp. Literally.

Although my current assignment seldom requires it, my job mandates that I be qualified to wear a full face air purifying respirator. This requires annual fit testing. At B’s request, I stopped shaving over a week ago. Yesterday morning, I was informed that I had to take my fit test before going home.

Although I could have probably passed the test, by rule no hair is permitted in the seal area. So, I used the Dragonfly and the camera on my phone to comply. The result was imperfect, but good enough that the guy giving the test made no comment.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 – Grumpy approved.

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Gun Free Zone

I spent yesterday at the county fair. According to the rules posted online and the signs on the gates, it was a designated GFZ.  Except for the “Only Ones” who walked around in their costumes, armed as usual. I even saw a plain-clothes OO carrying in a SERPA.  I didn’t know the security procedures prior to arrival, so I left my firearms at home.  I did have a couple knives on my person, but I opted for small ones just in case there were real security measures in place.  (My EDC knife is on the edge of legal in this locality for concealed carry, and I didn’t want to have to answer any uncomfortable questions – or worse.)  If I get suckered into going again, that won’t be the case.  There are no metal detectors or other methods to detect weapons, so as long as I am discreet, there will be no issues.

I ended up watching as the kids rode rides, and a couple times I got suckered into riding with them.  I only got a cursory look at the tractor display on the way in, and never made it to the truck and tractor pull or the livestock exhibits. But I made major points with B, so it was worth it.

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Where Does It Stop?

Our friendly neighborhood agorist recently posted about how it is hatred and bigotry to have a problem with a biological male who identifies as female being allowed to use the female bathroom at school.

I am a regular reader of Mr. Burg’s writings, and I tend to agree with him much more often than I disagree with him.  Not that he is likely to give a shit whether I am a reader or not, or what my opinion is, but I wanted to put that out there.  This time, I have to disagree.

As a former Klansman, I am very familiar with hatred and bigotry.  This ain’t it.  We have segregated bathrooms based on biology.  If’n ya gots a penis, ya uses the little boys room.  If’n ya don’t, ya uses the little girl’s room.  Period, full stop.  Gender identity, clothing choice, and everything else is completely irrelevant.

If we cross that line, then what is the point of anything but unisex bathrooms?

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Aramark Uniform Service

Your repair department FUCKING SUCKS! It took you three weeks to repair a hole in the crotch of one pair of pants, and to sew a button back onto another. Neither repair lasted even half of a shift.

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I Survived

… the meeting with ex-Roomie. It went much better than expected, although she thinks that I need to tell Wifey now.

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Is is poor form to politely correct someone’s obvious errors (spelling starving s-t-r-a-v-i-n-g, for example), or would it be more advisable to let them display their White Trash status ignorantly?

I swear, we have some stupid people around here. Labeling the cardboard compactors “bailer” instead of “baler” up to the point of calling the compressed chunk of cardboard a “bail”. Yet we want to consider ourselves a World Class Company.

Stop the planet. I’d like to get off now, please.

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That’s how many times I’ve dropped my phone during the past hour, while reading something on the internet, attempting (and failing miserably) to stay awake.

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