Fuck Everybody

That is all.

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Those of you who invest in precious metals probably already know that silver is trading well below $18 per ounce at the moment. For those who don’t follow the market, it was over $40 per ounce briefly, less than two years ago. To me, the current price represents a buying opportunity.

The problem is that everyone has increased the premium for everything silver that they are selling. Ungraded bullion coins like the US silver eagle or the Canadian maple leaf have always commanded premiums of two to three and a half dollars over spot. Rounds, on the other hand, have historically gone for a dollar or less per ounce over spot.

Not now. Rounds are going for $2.50+ over spot, right beside coins. Presumably because most of the current inventory was acquired when the spot price was several dollars higher, and they are trying not to lose their ass. But such is any commodities market.

In order to take advantage of the current price, and offset the purchases I made when spot was $37+, I bought 100 some RCM Maple Leaf coins. I paid right at $3 above spot, which is a dollar more of a premium than I’ve paid in the past. That was the best current deal that I could find, though. A couple years ago, the US mint went up on their premium for silver eagles, and since then I have bought more silver maple leaf and Austrian philharmonic coins than eagles.

I’ve bought rounds in the past, but got away from it several years ago. I figure that if I ever need to do casual exchanges, most folks would be more trusting of a highly recognizable government (spit!) minted coin than a round, even if it was from a well-known private mint. Plus there is the whole conspiracy theory of them outlawing private ownership of bullion again. Although it would be easy enough for any such law to be written in a way that ignored the fact that these coins are technically legal tender. It’s already been done, in the absence of any lawful basis. But such is the abuse we’ve come to expect from our overlords.

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I Have Issues, part whatever

Drama Warning, in case the post title didn’t clue you in.

As I mentioned in my last post, B has been sick the last few days. Her throat has been so sore that she has not eaten anything to speak of in two days. Last night, she brought a meal bar in for “lunch”.

One of her young male friends/coworkers walked by, saw the bar, commented on how good it looked, at proceeded to pick it up and eat it. When she told me what happened, I wanted to beat the shit out of the inconsiderate little fucker. That’s over the line, even on a normal day. I growled something about making him bleed. A large part of me meant it, and my eyes confirmed this. Did I mention that I get really protective of those I care about?

I should probably admit that I’ve never been in a fight in my adult life. I go out of my way to avoid conflict. Mostly because of that thing called consequences. If I thought it would do any good, and knew that I would get away with it, I would have made the boy’s actions cost him some pain. But since neither are likely, he got a pass.

B said that my reaction scared her. I assured her that I would never actually follow through on any of my threats, but at the same time, stuff like that really did piss me off. Part of my explanation:

I know that you are as strong as or stronger than me, and completely capable of taking care of yourself. But part of me insists that you are a fragile, delicate and rare flower, more valuable than anything else in the world, that must be protected and sheltered at any cost.

I think I allayed her fears somewhat, but the relationship is still new enough that I will have to be careful.

As luck would have it, less than an hour later, I stumbled across this post. It was written in a self defense context, but this paragraph stood out.

Most men are not interested in hurting anyone. Many, in fact, want to be a protector. They want to be needed, relied upon or trusted to solve a problem. As much as men admire strong women there is a part of them that finds it perfectly acceptable for that woman to have her moments of weakness. Those men are okay being that knight in shining armor who comes to the rescue. If given the chance, many men would put forth the finest of efforts to fulfill that role and feel more like men because of it. 

That fits me completely. I want to be needed. I need to be useful. Blame it on poor self esteem, but if I serve no useful purpose in the relationship (beyond just companionship) I constantly worry that I will be eliminated.

And now, a picture of the happy couple:


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Not deathly ill, just irritatingly uncomfortable.  B isn’t so lucky.  She caught something different, and is completely miserable. Back to my normal whining soon, I hope.

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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Knife Review

Recently, I purchased a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Black FRN Plain Edge Knife from Amazon.


It is 5.56 inches open; 3.3 inches closed; with a 2.25-inch blade, which is adequate for most non-defensive tasks.

I wanted a smaller option, since my EDC Spyderco Paramilitary 2 causes raised eyebrows under certain circumstances, with a blade length of ~3.5 inches. Spyderco likes their knives quite a bit. The D2 set me back just over fifty dollars. That’s a significant chunk of change.

But I am convinced that you get what you pay for. I have one gripe about the Dragonfly. Only one. The clip isn’t adjustable. You’re stuck carrying it tip up, if you use the clip. Personally, I prefer tip down, but for its intended application, it makes little difference.

It is extremely light (1.2 ounces) and essentially disappears into your pocket. It is well built, with a strong blade lock and good quality VG-10 steel. It comes razor sharp. Literally.

Although my current assignment seldom requires it, my job mandates that I be qualified to wear a full face air purifying respirator. This requires annual fit testing. At B’s request, I stopped shaving over a week ago. Yesterday morning, I was informed that I had to take my fit test before going home.

I could have probably passed the test, but by rule no hair is permitted in the seal area. So, I used the Dragonfly and the camera on my phone to comply. The result was imperfect, but good enough that the guy giving the test made no comment.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 – Grumpy approved.

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Gun Free Zone

I spent yesterday at the county fair. According to the rules posted online and the signs on the gates, it was a designated GFZ.  Except for the “Only Ones” who walked around in their costumes, armed as usual. I even saw a plain-clothes OO carrying in a SERPA.  I didn’t know the security procedures prior to arrival, so I left my firearms at home.  I did have a couple knives on my person, but I opted for small ones just in case there were real security measures in place.  (My EDC knife is on the edge of legal in this locality for concealed carry, and I didn’t want to have to answer any uncomfortable questions – or worse.)  If I get suckered into going again, that won’t be the case.  There are no metal detectors or other methods to detect weapons, so as long as I am discreet, there will be no issues.

I ended up watching as the kids rode rides, and a couple times I got suckered into riding with them.  I only got a cursory look at the tractor display on the way in, and never made it to the truck and tractor pull or the livestock exhibits. But I made major points with B, so it was worth it.

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Where Does It Stop?

Our friendly neighborhood agorist recently posted about how it is hatred and bigotry to have a problem with a biological male who identifies as female being allowed to use the female bathroom at school.

I am a regular reader of Mr. Burg’s writings, and I tend to agree with him much more often than I disagree with him.  Not that he is likely to give a shit whether I am a reader or not, or what my opinion is, but I wanted to put that out there.  This time, I have to disagree.

As a former Klansman, I am very familiar with hatred and bigotry.  This ain’t it.  We have segregated bathrooms based on biology.  If’n ya gots a penis, ya uses the little boys room.  If’n ya don’t, ya uses the little girl’s room.  Period, full stop.  Gender identity, clothing choice, and everything else is completely irrelevant.

If we cross that line, then what is the point of anything but unisex bathrooms?

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